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Global Marshall Plan

"Neither Left nor Right, but out in Front"
-International Green Party

by Steven Craig Jones


1. Chapter 1: Global Marshall Plan

2. Chapter 2: Global Marshall Plan/Wikipedia

3. Chapter 3: Earth in the Balance, by Al Gore

4. Chapter 4: Global Marshall Plan/Network of Spiritual Progressives

5. Chapter 5: Global Marshall Plan/Forum for a New World Governance

6. Chapter 6: Global Marshall Plan/Ervin Laszlo, Club of Budapest

7. Chapter 7: Green World Order

8. Chapter 8: Green Party USA

9. Chapter 9: International Green Party

10. Chapter 10: If You Love This Planet, by Helen Caldicott

11. Chapter 11: Saving the Planet, by Steven Craig Jones

12. Chapter 12: Projects 2020, 2050, 2100



****About the Author


Its time to take the quantum leap into building a Green World Order for Mankind. A Global Marshall Plan to save what's left of our planet is the next key step necessary that will turn this vision into reality. National police states and a sprawling 'out of control' military-industrial-intelligence-security complex are over and done with, permanently. War is obselete and can never be fought in an interconnected and interdependent world. In fact, the #1 international institutional security threat to the survival of our species today ARE the current 'national security' obsessed alphabet soup agencies within the US government. The Dept of Homeland Security, the NSA (National Security Agency), the Pentagon, the US Dept of Defense, the FBI, the CIA, the DIA, DARPA, the US military and the whole slew of corporate defense contractors in America are now become THE main threats to our collective world security and survival interests today on Earth. These antiquated institutions are siphoning off the talent, expertise, technology and funds that are desperately needed in order for us to build a green, sustainable world order for Mankind on into the 21st century and beyond. The new paradigm that is emerging is one fundamentally constructed around the collective threats to our global ENVIRONMENTAL security. Although we have already lost over 50% of all precious life on Earth, there is still 50% worth saving and preserving. To this end, we MUST engage in an all out effort to build, construct and evolve our species into an advanced world civilization based on principles of sustainability, planet management, intelligence, care and compassion for others, non-violent conflict resolution strategies and a lasting peace for all future generations to come. NOW is the time to make this transition. We are literally OUT OF TIME. Events are cascading on every level today, forming an enormous tsunami of forced destabilization and drastic societal disruption unless we move to stay ahead of the curve and collectively learn to surf the multifaceted wave of fundamental transformation, social maturity and evolutionary advancement that is now barreling down upon us as a species.

==> SEE: The Great Acceleration: https://youtu.be/FVwrbEfd32o

It is now time to TERMINATE the global fascist military-industrial-intelligence-security complex, otherwise known as the Global War Machine. Over 2 TRILLION US dollars are spent on this psychotically insane enterprise annually worldwide, with more than 1 TRILLION spent by the USA alone every year. It is time to RADICALLY re-orient, re-prioritize and re-direct these funds away from war fighting and orient them towards addressing the global ENVIRONMENTAL threats that now threaten our continuity and survival as a species. The #1 international security threat on planet earth today is Global Climate Change. No other single issue can even begin to compare to the disruption, damage and destruction that this single phenomenon can do to our biosphere and to our very survival as a species. The threat is very real and is a DIRECT result of our dependence on and use of fossil fuels. Thus said, the hydrocarbon economy is over, permanently. The transition to a non-polluting free energy economy MUST be begin NOW.

Free energy systems such as alternative, renewable forms of solar, biomass, wind and tidal energies must NOW be fully developed at break neck speed within our collective global societies. Even more so, it is time to mass produce both zero-point and anti-gravitic energy systems for home electrical power needs and for transportation uses, respectively. Both zero-point and anti-gravity energy can literally evolve our global civilization into a new paradigm of energy abundance and prosperity, the likes of which the human species has never seen or known before. As well, the shift to renewable, alternative, free energy systems will end the emissions of CO2 (and methane) gases that are directly responsible for the prime threat to our existence on earth today: global climate change. This is how we will end the threat of global warming. The shift to free energy will also put a permanent end to the environmentally destructive nightmare known as nuclear power generation. Abundant free energy, spread thoroughly and evenly to all of the world's peoples and nations will also put an end to the threat of global overpopulation, giving people the ability to finially provide the food, housing, shelter, sanitation, water and health requirements necessary for optimal human survival and prosperity. With basic human needs met worldwide, we can stabilize global population growth rates within acceptable "carrying capacity" limits site specific to each town, city, municipality and nation across the globe. Free energy, therefore, will become the tide that lifts all boats into a sustainable, prosperous, intelligent, advanced and enlightened Green World Order for Mankind. With abundant free energy, we can collectively transit our civilization onto a path of intelligent and sustainable planet management.

==> Zero Point Energy, Thrive Movement: http://youtube.com/thrivemovement
==> Antigravtic Free Energy and the Deep National Security State, by Dr Steven Greer: https://youtu.be/5vgH6Rnklqs
==> Transdimensional Sciences/Antigravitic Craft/UfO's-Aliens, Dr Steven Greer: https://youtu.be/LkIpI3Qlssg
==> Zero Point and Antigravitic Free Energy, Dr Steven Greer: https://youtu.be/E0ymAXTBKlc
==> Paul LaViolette on the Secrets of Anti-Gravity Propulsion: https://youtu.be/ifEgGMFK-VU

In addition to TERMINATING the Global War Machine and retrofitting the global economy with free energy systems, developing the institutional infrastructure for effective global goverance and effective planet management must become a top priority. Nationalism, although necessary for national identity and for preserving cultural and religious traditions, is, in and of itself, unable to properly address the global ENVIRONMENTAL threats that collectively threaten the majority of peoples and nations on Earth today. Ascension towards a One World Government and a planetary consciousness is our next vital step in progressive human evolution. Planet management in all areas of human endeavor must now become the new central organizing principle of the 21st century. It is NOW time for the human species to evolve into an advanced civilization on Earth. We must now move out of being a lowly Type 0 civilization, which depends on finite and highly polluting fossil fuels, war profiteering and unsustainable resource consumption, and, instead, build a Type 1 planetary civilization founded upon the principles of global cooperation, peace, free and abundant energy and a system of intelligent planet management that preserves and protects the ENVIRONMENTAL resource base through which all life on Earth ultimately depends. An advanced Type 1 planetary civilization will have ceased polluting its environment, will have stabilized global overpopulation, will have ended war and global conflict and will have sucessfully instituted ethics, policies and projects designed to manage and preserve its planetary biosphere. In order for the human species to evolve from a Type 0 to a Type 1 civilization, there needs to occur a massive shift in collective human consciousness and intelligence. Since consciousness is the foundation for all reality, a quantum shift from national to international (or planetary) consciousness is humanity's next (and necessary) evolutionary step.

Already, the internet has given us global communications. We have images of the Earth from space, as well as stunning images of star systems, galaxies and the planets revolving around our own solar system. With free, anti-gravitic energy for power and propulsion, we will soon have free and unlimited global transportation anywhere on the Earth and in space- even to the stars with superluminal flight if we wish. With widely distributed Zero Point energy systems powering our homes, our businesses and our cities, we will have finially acheived complete energy independence. Therefore, let us implement a Global Marshall Plan founded upon the TERMINATION of the global-military-industrial-intelligence-security complex, upon the creation, development and distribution of free energy sources and systems worldwide and upon the solid foundation of international ENVIRONMENTAL planet management. On these 3 pillars, we can build a survivable, sustainable, prosperous, advanced and intelligent world civilization on Earth. Welcome to the Green World Order.

==> SEE: Michio Kaku: Advanced Civilization Types: https://youtu.be/YGyP1fbKVmk

Steve Jones
Global Environmentalist
Zermatt, Switzerland

February 17, 2017

Planet Management: The New World Enterprise

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